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At Coastal Lawn Care, we take pride in nurturing nature’s beauty right at your doorstep. Our range of comprehensive services is designed to cater to your every landscape need. With expertise in Land Clearing, we meticulously remove obstacles, allowing your vision to take root. Our Under Brushing service ensures a neat, clutter-free environment, promoting both aesthetics and safety. For larger areas, our Heavy Mowing tackles overgrowth efficiently, restoring order to your land. And when it comes to fine-tuning, our Brush Cleaning service adds the finishing touch, leaving your landscape immaculate. Coastal Lawn Care – where nature thrives and landscapes flourish.


Our Mission

At Coastal Lawn Care, our mission is to enhance outdoor environments through a harmonious blend of expertise and eco-conscious practices. With a deep-rooted commitment to responsible land management, we aim to transform spaces while preserving their natural essence. Our dedication to this mission is evident in every aspect of our work, from precision-heavy mowing that revitalizes landscapes, to innovative land clearing and forestry mulching techniques that promote sustainability and mitigate fire risks. Through our services, we strive to create outdoor havens that thrive in both beauty and environmental health, leaving a lasting positive impact on the spaces we touch.

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